Friday, August 12, 2005

What's Being Done At Your Local School To Prevent This?

I know that Westside Middle School student Mitchell Johnson was only 13 years old when he gunned down four girls and teacher Shannon Wright as she tried to shield her students. Eleven other students were wounded.

I know that Johnson has paid his debt to society and must now be released, as he is 21 years old.

But I don't have to like it.

And since this individual and his younger accomplice committed what were the first of a
long string of recent school-place shootings, what has been done at your local school to prevent it from happening yet again?

Even after
Westside Middle, Columbine, and Red Lake High School, the California junior high school where I teach is a security nightmare, with unlocked gates and unsecured parking lots that easily allow outsiders to drive their vehicles right inside our campus. The staff has never received any training at all in order to learn how to respond should an intruder enter our campus with intent to harm or kill.

Requests to administrators to plan for the unthinkable have been ignored, or worse, rebuffed.

That's the trouble with small towns. Everyone says "that kind of thing can't happen here."

Until it does.

Why does it always take a tragedy before we finally take action?
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