Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Davos: The Bankers' Yearly Junket

So. Here we go yet again.

While working folks all over our country are experiencing losses of income not seen since the Great Depression, the world's bankers, financiers, Wall Street types, and others who don't work for their money but whose money works for them, are traveling to Davos, Switzerland. It's time for their annual convention of back-slapping and mutual admiration amidst the type of unbelievable five-star luxury that most of us in the real world can only dream of.

And since these well-paid clowns will invariably deduct everything from booze to hookers on their taxes as so-called "business expenses" it's also a taxpayer-subsidized junket.

Unlike the Great Depression, the Great Recession doesn't seem to have made any paupers out of millionaires.

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