Monday, December 29, 2008

Wonkitorial: Cutting To The Front Of The Lunch Line

All of her adult life, Caroline Schlossberg Kennedy emphatically stated that she wanted to be a "private" person, and therefore completely out of the public's eye but free to attend countless social events with her pals from New York City's Social Register.

But now, JFK's deep-blue-blooded daughter has changed her mind and wants to claim what some would believe to be her rightful inheritance by being appointed United States Senator.

And, like any Kennedy, what Caroline wants, Caroline will be given. This in spite of the fact that Schlossberg Kennedy has held no elected office whatsoever.

Cutting to the front of the line; isn't that just like a Kennedy?

Given the nature of senatorial incumbency nowadays, if Schlossberg Kennedy is appointed to the Senate by New York's governor David Paterson, she's practically guaranteed to be a Senator-for-life.

Take a look
at this article, (don't miss its attached video) and judge for yourself this socialite's qualifications for membership in the world's most powerful (and exclusive) legislative body.

We think that before Caroline Schlossberg Kennedy asks (and gets) what amounts to a lifetime appointment to the United States Senate, she ought to pay a few political dues first. She might start by actually winning a contested election to an entry-level elected office.

Caroline Schlossberg Kennedy claims to be highly interested in public education.

Maybe she should try getting elected to New York City's school board. She might actually do some good there.

Of course there wouldn't be much of a limelight of publicity to immerse herself in.

And with the Kennedys, isn't it always about the limelight?

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