Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Notes From The Education Underground

Each and every year some well-intended naive soul teacher comes around and solicits for the United Way. Here's an example why I don't give 'em a nickle:
For months, the United Way of Central Carolinas board said Gloria Pace King was worth every penny of her controversial $1.2 million pay package.

Tuesday, 37 of those board members unanimously called on their longtime CEO to resign or be fired.

King's fall was breathtakingly quick, but not clean.

Critical questions remain. How the board handles them will affect 91 nonprofit agencies and the thousands in need that they serve.

Can the board regain enough public trust to rescue its ongoing fundraising campaign?

How will it settle accounts with King, even as it pays her interim replacement $20,000 a month?
Read the whole disturbing thing.

The United Way has a long history of well-paid executives who run amok while living large from expense accounts financed by donors.