Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Union President Who Swings

If this South Florida (Why does it always seem to involve Florida?) teachers union president ever gets tired of doing whatever a full-time county-level union person does to fill up his time, I guess he could go back to running a profitable swingers club in his home.

Interestingly, a careful read of this related article might lead one to suspect that this man's past was possibly exposed at the hands of a defeated incumbent certain well-entrenched union officials who felt threatened by his promises to run a "transparent" union..

Heh. transparent teachers union--- An oxymoron if I ever heard one.

Actually, I feel sad for him. What he was accused of did not involve children, violence, or theft.

And it happened a long time ago. On his own time. In his own house.

Still... union politics and union insiders have the reputation that they have for a reason.

Honest, well-intentioned, and hard-working people don't seem to get very far when they attempt to make positive changes within these organizations.

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