Saturday, February 02, 2008

Gun-Ed Goes Public

And now we have politicians in one state taking a serious aim at giving kids lessons in gun play:
West Virginia is considering a bill to teach schoolchildren how to handle a gun and hunt safely; its proponent hopes the law will increase state revenues from hunting licenses, a state lawmaker said Thursday.

"We will teach a hunting safety course during their physical education class," state senator and bill sponsor Billy Wayne Bailey told AFP. The courses would be imparted in secondary schools, from the eighth to 10th grade (13-16 years of age).

"They will learn gun safety, the proper use of fire arms. All the weapons will be disabled so there is no chance of discharging," he said, adding that the state Senate was expected to take up the bill next week.

"Hunting is an economic and cultural thing and we have seen a decline of hunting licenses over the past years," said the lawmaker, explaining that his bill would boost interest in hunting in West Virginia.

Children 10 years and older can already apply for a hunting license in West Virginia, which makes 1.5 billion dollars a year from hunting-related activities, the senator said.
Since this will be aimed at kids, if this proposal is signed into law, we can't help but wonder if the state will produce video-lessons on gun safety featuring their governor Elmer Fudd.