Friday, February 08, 2008

The Disastrous D.C. School System

Take a quick look at the problem that the public school system in our nation's capital has with finding fully licensed teachers:
Next up on Schools Chancellor Michelle Rhee’s agenda to make D.C. Schools more accountable? Getting “highly qualified” teachers into the classrooms. Under the controversial law “No Child Left Behind,” all teachers must demonstrate that they are qualified to teach their subjects, usually by completing graduate coursework or passing certification tests like the Praxis series.

Last year, nearly half of all core subject classes taught in DC schools were taught by unqualified teachers. The worst-staffed subjects?

- Geography — 32.9 percent qualified
- History — 33.8 percent qualified
- Chemistry — 47.3 percent qualified
You really should read the whole thing.

With the third-highest per-pupil spending in the country, the D.C. school system
spends at least $12,801 per student and still can't produce good results.

It's a national disgrace.

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