Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Bleak Future?

After the results of yesterday's voting down in Florida, it appears more-and-more likely that the 2008 election will be between John McCain and Hillary "The Countess of Chappaqua" Rodham-Clinton.

Barring another terrorist attack on the homeland, I would say that The Countess will probably be the next President.

I well-remember the mess that the Clintons made of things the first time around.

From Hillary's
Futures Trading Scandal to Travelgate, to the selling of nights in the Lincoln bedroom to foreign political contributers, to the hawking of presidential pardons to felons fleeing from justice, to the turning of the White House into a Cat House.

And let's not forget Bill Clinton's impeachment, trial, and subsequent disbarment.

It was, and will be, one scandal-after-another.

And, like before, at the center of it all we'll find that evil genious attack-dog who calls himself James Carville.

The American People deserve better than we're going to get from Rodham-Clinton and Her Minions.

Update: (01/31/08) The bulldog edition of the New York Times has the latest example of the type of shenanigans that we can expect from a Billary Presidency. Slick Willie is as Slick Willie does....

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