Friday, December 07, 2007

Meow Mix-up In The Head

It seems as though most neighborhoods have a "cat lady," but this one is in a league all of her own:
BOSTON -- The state's highest court said that a woman who stored dozens of dead cats in her Boston apartment can keep two that were seized by the city, as long as she complies with city health codes.

Cat breeder Heidi Erickson was charged with animal cruelty after officials found five malnourished cats, one malnourished dog and more than 60 dead cats in her Beacon Hill apartment in 2003, most stored in freezers.

While the criminal case against her was pending, a judge ordered that four live cats and two dead cats that had been seized by the city be returned to Erickson.

After Erickson was convicted, however, the city moved again to block her from getting the dead animals back.

In Thursday's ruling, the Supreme Judicial Court did not require Erickson to destroy or discard the animals, but ordered that whatever she does with them comply with health codes.
This sounds like the sort of thing that can only happen in Massachusetts... or California.