Thursday, October 04, 2007

Banning 'Lil Ghosts And Goblins At The School House Door

Halloween is still weeks away. But already in Colorado the PC crowd has begun its campaign to suppress yet another harmless childhood rite of passage:
BROOMFIELD - There won't be little ghosts and goblins at Kohl Elementary School this Halloween.

In a newsletter sent home to parents, Principal Cindy Kaier wrote that the traditional Halloween party celebrated in classrooms each year will be replaced by a fall party on Friday.

And because the party is focused on fall, not Halloween, children can't wear costumes.

Parents expressed frustration that they weren't included in the decision.

Brook Kimber said it's hard to explain a random Oct. 5 party to a child.

The decision came after a discussion that culminated in an "emotional" meeting with teachers that focused on school holiday parties and how Kohl could continue to celebrate without leaving out anyone.
What's next? Is somebody going to say that we can't celebrate the 4th of July because it might offend the English?

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