Friday, August 17, 2007

The Spellings Report: Margaret Heads South!

One of our confidential sources inside the Bush Administration has intimated to us that Washington's Educrat-in-Chief Margaret Spellings was recently sighted down in Memphis, Tennessee, where she was heard to say this: (emphasis ours)
How do we close the achievement gap and prepare all children to succeed in the global economy? To me, the answer is clear—the reauthorization of No Child Left Behind (NCLB). Building on the success of this landmark law will help ensure we keep our promise to have every child learning on grade level by 2014.
Secretary Spellings uttered that remark with all the confidence of someone who would never even think of going into the classroom herself.

And you can bet your bottom dollar that Spellings wouldn't encourage her own kids to serve as classroom teachers, either.

Spellings understands the true ramifications of the No Child Left Behind Act all-too-well.

Under the federally-imposed mandates of NCLB, a teacher can work extremely hard, get 99% of his or her kids to pass those federally-required standardized tests in 2014, and still be considered an underperforming teacher if even one of his or her students doesn't pass the test with scores high enough to satisfy Washington's EduCracy.

And who would want their own kids to stuck in (what has increasingly become) a
McJob where perfection is not only expected, but now required?

Especially when the
average salary (nationwide) for teachers is $47,602 and the average (last year's) so-called pay "increase" was a whopping 2.2%....

Interestingly, Secretary Spellings and the rest of the Washington EduCracy
just got a raise of 4.1%.

Nice work, if you can get it.

But, as they say, you can only get it if you know someone...
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