Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Today's Non Sequitur: Dangerous Dancing

Next time you decide to do a little dancing with one of your co-workers, you might want to reconsider:
Oldies music was playing at the Lincoln Park bar and a circle of co-workers danced.

But Lacey Hindman said she had no idea David Prange was about to grab her by the forearms and flip her into the air, jitterbug-style.

The small-framed 22-year-old said she was surprised as the stocky-built Prange tossed her airborne and she crashed headfirst into the wood floor at Stanley's Kitchen and Tap.

Hindman suffered a fractured skull and brain injuries in the April 2006 incident and is now suing Prange -- whose wife, Kate, is a well-known fashion designer who owns the Shop Girl store where Hindman worked.

Hindman, of Chicago, wants unspecified damages for injuries her attorney says were caused by "negligent dancing."
There's more to read over at the whole painful thing.

Given the fact that our junior high school campus is, like so many others, a fertile ground for malicious gossip such a small, intimate community, we pretty much stick to the idea of keeping our professional lives professional and our personal lives personal
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