Thursday, April 05, 2007

Student Moons Teacher And Sues The School!

This story out of Florida well illustrates what's wrong with the attitudes of so many public school students:
CLEARWATER, Fla. --A high school senior acknowledges he went too far when he mooned a teacher. But he thinks the decision of school officials to send him to a new school for the rest of the year was too harsh, so his family is suing.

Tyler Tillung, 18, mooned a teacher "suddenly and without thinking about the consequences" in February, according to the lawsuit filed Tuesday. The teacher had declined to let him into a Feb. 21 school lip sync show that was full. He was suspended for six days and reassigned to a new school.

But the teen wants to graduate with his Palm Harbor University High class in six weeks and complete his final season on the varsity baseball team, the lawsuit said.

"We're talking about his graduation," said Tillung's lawyer, B. Edwin Johnson. "That's an important event in a guy's life. ... This kid deserves a break."

School Board Attorney Jim Robinson said administrators stand by their decision.

"Without knowing the allegations, we're confident in the administration's position on this case," Robinson said. Palm Harbor principal Herman "Doc" Allen described the mooning as "disgusting" and the teacher as "traumatized."
The problem is that too many students who choose to utterly disregard the rules common decency get a "break" and avoid the consequences of their actions.

Even though he acknowledged that he went "too far," the little pissant Tillung doesn't bother to apologize for his actions and instead threatens the school system that should have expelled him altogether with legal action.

Maybe Tillung should quit whining, pocket his diploma (and varsity sports letter) and move on
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