Sunday, March 11, 2007

Students Doing Doobies In San Diego's "High" School

Some students at one Calfornia "high" school think that bringing a note from home allows them to fire-up a joint between classes:
SAN DIEGO -- Officials at the Grossmont Union High School District have sent letters home to parents, notifying them that a number of students have been caught on campus with medical marijuana cards.

District official Catherine Martin said they are concerned over the growing trend and the "apparent ease" with which teens are able to obtain the cards.

In the letters, parents, students and faculty are reminded that even if the cards are valid, it is against the law to have marijuana on school property.

Recently two East County teenagers were suspended for showing up at school high, with a medical marijuana card as their excuse, NBC 7/39 reported.

During a series of recent undercover sting operations, district attorney investigators identified four or five local doctors who are issuing cards or prescriptions without proper exams or follow up medical care.

Mission Valley is one location where officials said illegal drug trafficking has taken place.

San Diego District Attorney Narcotic Chief Damon Mosler told NBC 7/39 a bogus symptom and some cash is all a teenager needs to obtain a medical marijuana card.
When I was a young StudentWonk, the cigarette of choice was much more likely to be a Marlboro rather than a Mary Jane.
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