Friday, February 16, 2007

Wonkitorial Comment: New York's Santa Spitzer

New York's governor Eliot Spitzer is promising some $1.5 billion in additional funding for that state's troubled school system.

Actually, the $1.5 is the first installment of a projected increase of $7.0 billion over the next four years.

It's just too bad that Santa Governor Spitzer doesn't also address a basic, more fundamental problem that needs to be solved before New York's schools can make the sort of progress that is mandated by the federal No Child Left Behind Act: the problem of millions that are already being wasted on out-of-control schools which are all-too-often filled with disruptive and defiant students who not only refuse to even attempt to make an effort to learn but do their level best to deny other children their right to a free and appropriate public education.

Not only do such ineffective schools hurt our children, they're a shameful waste of the taxpayers' money.
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