Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The Knucklehead Of The Day

I guess the name of the alleged perpetrator was withheld to protect the stupid guilty:
PITTSBURGH -- A local mother is outraged after a teacher allegedly gave her 14-year-old daughter a sexually explicit poem.

It's called "How Do You Make Love to a Black Woman?"

The Murray Accelerated Learning Academy teacher reportedly gave the student the poem after class.

The poem includes graphic language.

The student's mother said, "I'm outraged. I'm hurt. She's hurt that this can go on at an elementary school. It’s sad."

The mother, who is not being identified, confronted the teacher and the principal when her daughter showed her the poem.

The teacher is suspended with pay while the district investigates.
Maybe the powers-that-be should add a class in "basic common sense" to the curriculum of America's teacher-education programs.
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