Saturday, January 06, 2007

A School Administrator's Worst Nightmare?

How on Earth should a capable school administrator deal with this one? Is this a lose-lose situation no matter what course of action is taken? And what of the police's reaction?
(AP) DANVILLE, Pa. A 12-year-old special education student in Montour County was charged with disorderly conduct after authorities said she deliberately wet her pants at school.

Her mother told the Press Enterprise it happened because her daughter was frightened by the principal.

The girl had been preparing a holiday lunch with her classmates and teachers at Danville Middle School on December 20th.

Her mother said when her daughter refused to go to the kitchen to wash some pots and pans, teachers summoned principal Kevin Duckwork, who confronted the girl.

She then wet her pants.

Her mother said the girl is terrified of Duckwork and has wet herself during previous confrontations with him. But Danville Police Chief Eric Gill said school officials are at their “wit’s end” with the girl, and they believe her actions were deliberate.
Did Principal Duckwork do the right thing?

You make the call...
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