Monday, January 15, 2007

Extra Credit Reading: Monday, January 15, 2007

Lectrice, the London teacher who writes over at Blackboard Jungle, has been on hiatus from both teaching and writing for some time. In a couple of surprise recent posts, we find that Lectrice has been traveling the world and has returned to teaching, this time in the South American country of Peru. Let's hope she keeps us updated!

The trend of dividing large comprehensive high schools into a number of smaller schools-within-a-school started in urban areas. The trend is now being found in smaller communities with Leominster, Massachusetts the latest example.

Controversial proposal in New Jersey: Should schools no longer be required to teach about Veterans Day and Memorial Day? As one might suspect, the passions are running high on both sides.

Today's non-sequitur: After participating in a contest to win a "Wii" game system, an unfortunate young woman has died of hyponatremia, which is otherwise known as "water intoxication."
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