Friday, January 12, 2007

Extra Credit Reading: Friday, January 12, 2007

My goodness. It appears as though Bible classes are going to be added to the curriculum of some public high schools down in Georgia. (Prediction: Some appointed life-tenure judge court will throw this one out loooong before the first bell...)

After being fired over "management issues," an English inner-city primary school principal has
taken her own life leaving behind a husband and five children...

The Washington Post's Jay Mathews is "
Looking for a few good middle schools." (Heh. Maybe Mathews could obtain a substitute's credential [it's usually not too difficult] and try actually working in a few middle schools. He would then get a little first-hand experience and see how what goes on in the classroom differs from what's said by district propagandists officials, site administrators, and hand-picked teachers...)

Today's Non-Sequitur: Would you believe that this is the Year of the Penguin?
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