Monday, January 15, 2007

The Conservation Generation?

Students in Hawaii are doing what they can in order to save energy:
HONOLULU (AP) _ Fourteen public schools will compete to see how much electricity they can save in the next six months.

The best techniques will then be mandated throughout the school system next year.

Half of the savings at each location will also be returned to the school.

The effort is part of a large energy savings and conservation initiative launched by the governor last year.

The Department of Education hopes to see energy use cut by as much as 35 percent over the next five years.

The department paid 31-million dollars on electricity last year at its 258 public schools.

Assistant superintendent Randy Moore says the students are learning ways to save energy.
In our school district here in California's so-called "Imperial" Valley, the on-campus saving of energy is not a campus concern, even though we live in a desert. Several years ago, the powers-that-be had the thermostats removed from each and every teacher's classroom in order to save money. Temperatures are now supposedly controlled by a central office in San Diego, over 100 miles away.

In reality of course, our classrooms are scorching in summer and shivering in winter.

Of course, the district offices kept their thermostats
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