Sunday, December 10, 2006

Wonkitorial: Sunday With The Arts And Humanities

Beginning today, each Sunday we'll take a look at some of the issues related to the study of the Arts and Humanities in our public schools. At a recent gala dinner to benefit the Art Museum of South Texas , U.S. senator John Cornyn said,
"We put an emphasis on the basics like math, reading and writing - as we should - but we need to also remember the whole person and that includes an education in art."
Since former President George H. W. Bush was the guest of honor, We're hopeful that someone sent the current President Bush (or at least his globe-trotting EduMinion) a copy of the transcript of Cornyn's speech. We believe that all kids need to have a chance to develop their Artistic abilities, and, for all-too many children of working families, the only realistic opportunity that they get to study the Fine and Performing Arts is during their public school years.

One of the truly unfortunate side-effects of the imposition of the federal No Child Left Behind Act is how so many of our public schools have placed nearly total focus on the raising of standardized test scores in the subjects of reading and math.

Given the realities of the world-wide economy, (and our need to compete within it) we understand and acknowledge the importance of our American youth having highly developed reading, math, and science skills.

But shouldn't there also be room on the plate for kids to study some of that which makes us human as well?

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