Sunday, December 10, 2006

Here's One Way To Increase Student Performance

After businessman-turned-philanthropist Leonard Turkel paid to have the vision and hearing screened of Miami-Dade's public school students, administrators found that student performance improved after the kids in need of additional assistance were identified:
The results, school principals say, are remarkable: Many of the kids who wear the glasses show improvement in attendance, focus and achievement. Their behavior often improves too.

The program underscores what many educators say is a missing ingredient in the debate about school reform: physical and mental health problems that can leave a student unable to fully participate in even the best academic program.

"When they talk about reform, it's basically all about academics," said Principal Maria Garcia, of Thomas Jefferson Middle School in Miami. "This other piece is missing, but it's crucial, absolutely crucial."
Sadly, Miami-Dade's well-paid sinecure-holding district administrators couldn't figure that out by themselves and get it done before Mr.Turkel came-up with the idea.

As is the case with so many high-level school administrators around the country, it might be be beneficial it they spent a little less time in the office suite and a little more time in front of a classroom full of kids
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