Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas Day 2006

We finally completed our cross-country road trip this morning.

From California's "Imperial" Valley to our place in South Carolina's Blue Ridge Mountains, it's exactly 2164 driving miles.

By driving in shifts, we made the trip in 37 hrs 23 min. Not a record, but not too bad either, even though it rained continuously from the Texas-Louisiana state line all the way to our home.

A few statistics:

Number of times that we heard "Sleigh Bells Ring Are You Listening" on the radio: 136.

Number of times that I attempted suppressed the urge to rip-out the radio and throw it through the windshield: 136.

Number of times that we stopped at McDonald's Restaurant: 04

Number of times that McDonald's screwed-up had some difficulty filling a simple straight-forward "drive-thru" food order: 04.

Number of times that both the WifeWonk and the TeenWonk over-ruled my plea suggestion to stop at Burger King's drive-thru window instead: 04.

Number of gorgeous blondes who were driving bright red Mercedes convertables: 01.

Number of times that the WifeWonk thumped EdWonk on the head: 01.

Too many times to count: As with our other trips, we observed that the Georgia Highway Patrol continues to enjoy its annoyingly efficient richly-deserved reputation for snaring unsuspecting-and-likely-innocent motorists alleged speeders with out-of-state license plates on their highways.

*stretching and yawning* Time to go crash get some shut-eye and dream of those elusive Sugar Plums dancing in someone's head...

*getting-up* To all of our friends who've dropped-in at our site, Merry Christmas!.... and to all a good night!

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