Thursday, November 30, 2006

Sergeant Old School

Substitute teacher Mr. Lawrence, of Get Lost, Mr. Chips, happened to take a look at what was on top of the teacher's desk the other day and ran into Sergeant Old School:
So, I was in a science class and snooping around (I know, I know), looking through the grade books conveniently left on the desk (it's so tempting, I swear), and tucked inside the one grade book was a print-out of all the grades for the kids in this teacher's classes. This, however, really caught my attention: out of 23 students in the one science class, fifteen were given "F"s. That means there were eight in the entire class that actually were passing, and their grades ranged from "A" to "C." This wasn't a class full of IEP kids or Special Ed. or anything like that - no "low functioning" students.
Go over to Mr. Lawrence's place and read the whole thing for yourself.
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