Monday, November 20, 2006

Poor Pouting Pamela Is SO Stressed!

Heh. Convicted child-rapist and disgraced former Tennessee physical education teacher Pamela Rogers is having such difficulty coping with life in the Big House that she's just begging to get out while she's young and pretty before she goes crazy:
Former Centertown teacher Pamela Rogers and her attorney filed a motion in Warren County this week claiming Rogers has suffered emotional torture and public humiliation as a result of her highly publicized sexual affair with a 13-year-old student.

Because of her emotional stress, he said Rogers should have her eight-year prison sentence reduced.

Rogers originally served several months of her sentence before being released on probation, but was sent back to jail earlier this year after sending the young victim messages and revealing photos of herself.

This case has been the talk of Centertown for nearly two years now.

She is set to appear in a Warren County court room next week for the photos she sent to the boy.

She could receive additional time. As it stands she will not be up for parole until 2008.

Pamela's attorney said she had been a law-abiding citizen prior to this incident and that she still has support within her community.
I wonder how many decades much time Pamela would be doing if she were a short, bald, overweight, 48-year-old married man?

I dislike double standards. Period.

Initially, Rogers was turned loose after her conviction. But this predator just couldn't resist sending nude photos of herself to her prey, and thereby violating her plea-bargain.

She was sent to the slammer forthwith to serve her sentence. (And if there was any justice in the world, she wouldn't get out in this life.)

There really ought to be a special circle of hell reserved just for people creatures who sexually molest children.

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