Sunday, November 05, 2006

Extra Credit Reading: Sunday, November 05, 2006

Calling all Teachers: Have you asked U.S. Secretary of Education Margaret Spellings a question lately? Here's your chance.

Chalkboards vs. whiteboards, vs. smartboards. A
post about chalkholders has sparked quite a discussion over at NYC Educator. Update: Tim at Assorted Stuff has his own thoughts about going back to the boards.

In New York City, Chancellor of public schools Joel Klein
is making a pitch on behalf of same-sex classes and schools.

Mamacita was preparing to have some folks over for dinner last night. Considering all that she was going through, we wonder how it went?

Matthew I. Pinzur, education reporter and publisher of the Miami Herald's EduBlog Miami Gradebook, has switched assignments. Unfortunately, it appears as though Gradebook will be going on hiatus indefinately...

Colleges and universities spent millions in order to go wireless so that students could bring their laptops into classrooms and use them to contribute to classroom discussions. But
it hasn't worked out that way.
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