Monday, November 13, 2006

Extra Credit Reading: Monday, November 13, 2006

It's the return of those hovering Helicopter Parents!

Meanwhile, some students are returning to charm school.

In North Carolina,
they're actually hiring teachers to serve Gifted students. Needless to say, we're pleasantly shocked:
The Orange County Schools are hiring enough teachers for gifted students so that nearly every elementary and middle school will have their own on staff.

The district is hiring three new gifted education specialists, so that Grady Brown and Pathways elementary schools will no longer have to share their staff with other schools. Those two elementary schools each have about two dozen gifted students.
From our Grass Is Not Always Greener Department, we have this meaty New York Times piece about parents who leave the Big City in search of better schools but often find that the reality is far different from the fantasy.

This has got to be the sickest high school "prank" that
we've ever seen.

Here is
a newspaper story about a Massachusetts teacher whose identity was undisclosed. This teacher was suspended from his/her/its job for undisclosed reasons after his/her/its school-issued laptop was "confiscated" for undisclosed inappropriate use. Even though the police will not prosecute the teacher for undisclosed criminal charges, the school district is continuing to investigate the suspended teacher for undisclosed violations of that district's undisclosed "acceptable use policy" while continuing to withhold the teacher's undisclosed identity for undisclosed purposes

T'was a time when we actually enjoyed flying the friendly skies. That was then, this is now: during September, one airline flight was late 100% of the time!
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