Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Tuesday's Extra Credit Reading

Hey! Look! There are about to be 300 million of us!

The 13th edition of The Teaching Carnival is
open for your instructional pleasure. (Their viewpoints may be collegiate, but they seem to have a lot in common with those of us in k-12!)

The United States Congress has, in our opinion, devolved into a "cesspool of depravity." These people now believe themselves to be so highly-placed that they can do whatever they please while making laws that apply to The Rest of Us. Examples such as the
drunk-driving-car-crashing-got-off-Scott-free Patrick J. Kennedy and possible pedophile and "X" rated emailer Mark E. Foley (who lost his office sinecure but won't see any jail time in this life) seem to support our assertion. (I don't think anything is really going to change for the better until people stop voting to re-elect (90% of the time) these incumbents self-serving rascals. I guess we'll continue to get the government that we deserve folks keep voting for and then complain about...)

He's baaack! And I pity the fool. Mr. "T" gets
his own reality television show.

For decades, vocational education has been (sadly) on the retreat in this country. Having said that, who would have ever thought that shop classes would be
making a comeback?

Here's the MSM buzzword for the day: Off-Ramp Women!

A couple of days ago, we did a post
on corporal punishment as it is currently practiced around the country. Commenter "UC res" supplies a related link that is of interest to those who are opposed to the use of the paddle and other physical punishments in public schools.
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