Saturday, October 07, 2006

Saturday's Extra Credit Reading

Joanne Jacobs has the lowdown on what superintendents and principals really think about their local schools. (Heh. Let'em spend a few days in front of the chalkboard and then ask 'em.)

Even though President Bush (sadly) said that the Iraq War's
place in history may be "just a comma," these guys know what the War's real place in history is destined to be.

The Wanker of the Day has got to be Nebraska sheriff's deputy Ivan D. Young, who was
arrested and charged with phoning-in a threat to carry out a Columbine-type massacre at any one of several local schools. Young's alleged "stunt" caused schools in three counties to go into lockdown.

Five snack food makers including PepsiCo, Mars Inc. and Kraft Foods Inc.
have pledged to replace Doritos and doughnuts with healthier products in school vending machines and snack bars under a voluntary agreement brokered by former president Bill Clinton and the American Heart Association. (Who would have thought that the Big Mack-gobbling former president would turn into an advocate for health food?)

Meanwhile, The New York Times
hereby declares an end to "Mystery Meat" in certain public school cafeterias. (But the Times doesn't answer a fundamental question: from which part of a chicken did they get those "nuggets" that were featured in the story?)
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