Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Extra Credit Reading: Wednesday, October 25, 2006

In Dallas, Texas, they're proposing a new law in order to crack down on clowns folks who run amok with their pants pulled down and their bits and pieces drawers hanging out. Can't get enough about the struggle against public displays of nastyness sagging pants? Then have some more right here.

Consider taking a look at
some of the many ways in which official dropout rates can be misleading.

Darren, who teaches high school math in Sacramento, California, has the type of teaching schedule that would make anybody
have a splitting headache.

We've learned a new word today:

Somebody actually paid to learn that sex is always on the male mind?

It was being said that, Dr. Phil, (The Oprah's special friend) was about to do a "hack job," on homeschooling and homeschoolers, but the show was mysteriously pulled from the air before Thursday's scheduled broadcast. Spunkyhomeschool
has some ideas why Doctor Feelgood Phil may have gotten cold feet.

Here's three letters that will be new to some classroom educators and old to others:

Today's dispatches from the Iraqi Civil War include
calls to partition the country into three separate entities, while the Bush Administration is rejecting any partition scheme. The U.S. position is for the Iraqis themselves to assume increasing responsibilities for defending their own country from homegrown guerillas and foreign jihadists. Stories about the rampant corruption and incompetence in the Iraqi government's rebuilding "effort" just get worse.
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