Thursday, October 19, 2006

Extra Credit Reading: Thursday, October 19, 2006

NYC Educator is showing us once again that Kids really do say the darndest things.

Disgraced ex-Congressman and alleged pedophile Mark Foley has indicated that he was molested as a teenager by Catholic priest Anthony Mercieca, who is currently living on an island in the Medeterranean. It appears as though Mercieca is confirming Foley's story.

President George Bush and his
globe-trotting Education Secretary Margaret Spellings made a little detour yesterday to the Tar-Heel State to do a some NCLB chest thumping.

The state of Utah has the lowest per-pupil expenditure in the nation. That long-time EduFact may change if Governor Jon Huntsman Jr. achieves his vision of
full-day kindergarten throughout the Beehive State.

In today's notes from the Iraq Civil War, Defense Secretary Rumsfeld is
calling-up the reserves in order to reinforce our beleaguered troops. Meanwhile, the vice president of the de jure Iraqi government is calling upon all sides to reach a negotiated settlement.

The situation continues to deteriorate in Afghanistan, where even 7-year-old school girls
are being searched for hidden bombs by their teachers. It's simply awful when things come to this:
The 7-year-old Afghan girl wriggled off her backpack at the schoolhouse gate, where a teacher rifled through her bag, then ran her hands over the girl's scarf-covered head and patted down her shoulders, back and legs.

Jittery from scores of arson attacks on schools across the country and an increasing number of Taliban bombings in the capital, schools in Kabul have stepped up security measures. Many now pat down even the youngest girls and boys, fearing militants could use an unwitting student to carry an explosive into class.
It seems as though more and more districts are abandoning the now-conventional middle school in favor of the more traditional two school configuration of K-8 and 9-12. In our second EduStory from Utah, here's one more that's seeking to do that very thing.
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