Saturday, September 23, 2006

Saturday's Extra Credit Reading

Just when I thought that I had seen everything, I saw competitive eating at the professional level.

I remember the hue and cry from the mainstream media when the then men-only Virginia Military Institute and South Carolina's Citidal both resisted the admission of women, but when it's the students of a women-only college who want to bar men at the door, the treatment from the MSM is
altogether very different.

The endless battle against plagiarism continues. In
the latest dispatch from the front, the Mercury News is telling us about how some schools have enlisted technology in the fight.

JoanneJacobs has
an additional report from the frontlines of the anti-plagiarism campaign.

"Dirty Dancing" isn't just the name of an '80 movie but also the reason why one New Hampshire high school
has canceled all remaining dances for this year. I supposed that "bumping and grinding" has ground to a halt for the time being...
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