Monday, September 25, 2006

Monday's Extra Credit Reading

The Special Education Law Blog offers a timely reminder about why it's a good idea for educators to avoid actionable gossip when talking about students with others in the community.

Some kids are just plain smart. But this hard-working 18-year-old graduate from The University of Virginia is in a
league all of his own.

Did you hear the one about the cop who
lied to his superiors about needing time off to serve a tour of duty in Iraq as a naval reservist? He collected some $8,700 in "gap pay" before being busted!

It's not often that we hear of a principal being fired, but that's
just what happened when the boss of one overcrowded Chicago-area high school refused to enroll more students without the hiring of additional teaching staff. (This one saddens us...)

The battle over the teaching of "Intelligent Design" in public school science class continues to be fought, with one pro-I.D. Michigan gubernatorial candidate
taking a public stand.
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