Friday, September 29, 2006

Friday's Extra Credit Reading

Our kids need to know history. It's a shame that so many know so little about so much.

In news from The Great White North, we have
this little blurb about a Catholic bishop in Calgary who has threatened to strip schools of their "Catholic" designation if they do not stop using casino gambling in their fundraising efforts.

Is the study of military history on the decline in our institutions of higher education? Some say "yes," while others say "no." Decide for yourself.

Today's Knucklehead has got to be Arizona teacher Tammie Liberty Lee, who has been
arrested for the second time for possession of methamphetamine. Already on administrative leave for the first charge, our guess is that this arrest will finish-off her teaching career.

Who would have thought that the women of the Army National Guard would dare to be bare? (I guess this might give new meaning to the term "weekend pass.")
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