Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Extra-Credit Reading Assignment

Andrew Pass of Current Events in Education is announcing the birth of a brand-new baby wiki: "A Lesson-Wiki," in which folks are invited to contribute as well as peruse.

History Teacher Dan McDowell
is writing a monthly column for Teacher Magazine called "Ask a Mentor," and is fielding your questions regarding education and Things Educational.

This week's Carnival of Education host Scott Elliott of Get on the Bus
tells us about what must be a truly amazing thing in Today's World: He walked with his six-year-old daughter to school!

Thespis Journal is celebrating their first Blogiversary. (The EduSphere continues to grow!)

Detroit Teachers Strike: Here's
the latest dispatch from the front in the on-going struggle between teachers and their district's administration.
Entries for this week's Carnival of Education are due tonight. Get details here and see our latest EduPosts there.