Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The Watcher's Council Has Spoken!

Each and every week, Watcher of Weasels sponsors a contest among posts from the Conservative side of the 'Sphere. The winning entries are determined by a jury of 12 writers (and The Watcher) known as "The Watchers Council."

Two weeks ago, the Council met and cast their ballots for that week's submitted posts.

Council Member Entries: AbbaGav took first place honors with They're Not What We've Been Told, They're Our Neighbors' Kids. The following entries received at least one vote: More on Doha, by The Glittering Eye; The Qana Strike... the Making of a Hezbo-wood Production, by Joshuapundit; Guilt vs Shame, by ShrinkWrapped, and Qana -- And Why It Doesn't Matter, by Rhymes With Right.

Non-Council Entries: Treppenwitz garnered the most votes with A Difficult Lesson. The following entries received at least one vote: L.A. Times Editors: “We Just Can't Solve the Mystery of Why that Muslim Guy Shot All Those Jews” by Patterico's Pontifications; Milking It?, by EU Referendum; European Appeasement -- A History Lesson, by The Plank, and Why Hezbollah Is Winning, by One Hand Clapping.