Thursday, July 20, 2006

This Is Terrible News!

Our good friend and fellow teacher, Mr. Babylon, has lost his job in the New York City public school system:
I've been excessed from Shitty High School. I found out via a letter in my box a few weeks before the end of the year. About half the staff was cut along with me (based on seniority or lack thereof) to make way for expanding mini-schools, but it's still kind of a kick in the nuts.

Believe it or not I'd grown sort of attached to the place. Yeah, it was a disorganized, ineffectual, frustrating mess of idiocy, beuraucratic red-tape, and gang-flags. But it was my disorganized, ineffectual, frustrating mess. Its chaos afforded a anoymity and freedom I was only just beginning to learn to negotiate and exploit.

And, despite everything that's happened and anything I might have written here, I love the kids.
Consider going over to Mr. Babylon's place and reading the whole thing.

We hope that Mr. Babylon gets something lined up real soon.
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