Friday, July 28, 2006

It's A Group Thing!

Several California school teachers have gotten together and started a collective EduBlog.

Say "hello" to California Live Wire, where they give us a few definitions from The Universal Dictionary of EduSpeak:
Accountability-based learning: &-"kaun-t&-'bi-l&-tE 'bAsd 'l&rni[ng] [n] when teachers are blamed for poor student performance, but involved parents are lauded for outstanding student performance.

Achievement gap: &-'chEv-m&nt 'gap [n] the area between the teacher's planned student acheivement and what students actually learned.

De-centered classrooms: dE-'sen-t&rd 'klas-"rüm [n] [1] when you are notified a week before school starts that the classroom you planned to have is no longer available, leaving you to scrounge and replan [2] misguided policies by administrators in an attempt to save money, in which teachers are required to change classrooms multiple times in a day.
I wonder how one says "summer vacation is running out," in EduSpeak?
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