Monday, June 05, 2006

Wonkitorial: Is NEA About To Jump Into The EduSphere?

For several months, we have repeatedly issued a challenge to the National Education Association to sponsor a comments-enabled weblog. We've even suggested a catchy name for their proposed blog: NEA Voices.

Another NEA dues-payer, Ms. Cornelius of A Shrewdness of Apes, has also called for the establishment of an NEA weblog.

We would like to see something along the lines of two union-affiliated voices that we respect greatly: AFT/UFT's Edwize or AFT's NCLBlog.

Now Scott Elliott of the Dayton Daily News' EduBlog Get on the Bus
brings us the mouth-watering interesting news that NEA may finally be about to do just that.

In all honesty, however, I'll be extemely surprised if NEA's never-elected-by-the-rank-and-file President Reg Weaver permits the establishment of a weblog where readers may comment without the heavy hand of censorship being applied to those who don't tow the Official Party Line.

After all, in the 100+ years that the organization has been collecting dues, they've never once permitted the rank-and-file to vote for any national officer or allow the membership to decide (via referenda) any question or issue. Nor does the NEA permit their membership (and/or the public) to participate in a free-wheeling discussion over at their not-so-user-friendly so-called "forum." (Members cannot start new topics or threads; try to get in

Seeing is believing, and we're looking forward to seeing more.

So c'mon Reg! How 'bout it?

Over at NEA, your word is Law. Allow us who financially support (many times forced, as in California) the lifestyles of you and your never voted-on-by-the-rank-and-file cronies and numerous well-paid appointed through patronage operatives to civilly express our concerns at an NEA blog. It's long-overdue.

We dare you to allow us rank-and-file dues-payers a little freedom of expression.

Meanwhile... if you know somebody (especially Reg) over at NEA's Washington headquarters, and you'd like to do President Weaver's advance work for him on his overnights, (example here) NEA has
a job for you. The pay ranges between $48,232 - $88,975 per annum. And the union-paid membership-paid fringe benefits are hard to beat.

No prior teaching experience or background necessary.

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