Monday, June 05, 2006

Must See TV: The Mary Kay Letourneau Horror Show!

Convicted child molester, teacher Mary Kay Letourneau is set to make an appearance on tonight's Larry King Show.

We last heard from Mary Kay about a year ago, when she had
just married her boyfriend victim, Vili Fualaau.

My guess is that there is a Lifetime made for television movie (or tell-all book) in the works...

Update:(PM) I watched this sickening spectacle. (transcript here) Larry King fed the happy couple the softball questions for which he is infamous. Most sickening exchange:

King: Want another baby?

Fualaau: Yes.

Most irritating moment: Listening to the unemployed Letourneau boast about living in a "house on the water" near Seattle, Washington.

A final thought: Mary Kay should give serious consideration to finding a new hair stylist. What she's doing now isn't working.
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