Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Miami Book Banning: Here Comes The ACLU!

Last week, we took a look at a decision by Miami's elected school board to ban a series of children's books from the district's campuses because the text about Cuba wasn't harsh enough in its treatment of life under the Castro regime.

We didn't care much for the decision and urged the board to reconsider.

But we thoroughly dislike the ACLU's decision to
sue the school board in an attempt to pressure blackmail the board into reversing its decision.

Even though we didn't care for the board's decision to remove the books, the board had every right to do so without interference from the ACLU as the board's course of action didn't involve the placement of a controversial book in its libraries but the removal of a book that, in the board's judgment, didn't meet acceptable community standards.

The ACLU has no business getting mixed up in this one. It should allow the community's elected representatives to do their job and exercise the oversight that the people elected them to do.
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