Friday, May 05, 2006

Today's NEA: Sinecures "R" US

Here's a list of current job vacancies (with descriptions) at the National Education Association:

Executive Confidential Associate $70,379 - $87,974

Senior Writer/Editor (Journalism) $60,504 - $111,613

Program/Policy Specialist/Analyst $48,232 - $88,975

Sr. Program/Policy Specialist/Analyst $60,504 - $111,613

All sinecures positions include relocation allowance and NEA's
generous benefits package. We are especially envious of the fully paid medical/dental insurance, not to mention the "flexible work schedules," full-service cafeteria, and on-site employee Health and Fitness Centers.

No actual education-related experience or background is required in order to be considered for these make work jobs, but it may help to be a close friend or acquaintance of the never-elected-by-the-rank-and-file President of the NEA, Reg Weaver.

Weaver recommends, and then an appointed (by him) committee rubber stamps ratifies his choice from among the applicants.

Ed's Note to Reg Weaver: We're
still waiting for the NEA to sponsor a comments-enabled weblog like the more progressively-minded folks over at UFT's Edwize and AFT's NCLBlog.

NEA loudly proclaims itself to be a democratic organization, yet it never permits the rank-and-file to elect their own national officers in transparent and contested elections. Nor will NEA permit a forum for its members (Who in many states are required to financially support the NEA even if they formally resign.) and the general public to engage in the free and open debate of NEA's policies and organizational goals.

Democracy is rarely pretty and never predictable but is almost always beneficial to any organization's membership. The National Education Association should try it sometime.

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