Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The Spellings Report: Hot Multi-Blog Action!

Just the other day, we took U.S. Secretary of Education Margaret Spellings to task for paying lip-service to teachers but not actually proposing anything that would help teachers do a better job of serving their students.

We didn't forget to mention that Spellings and Co. always puts 100% of the responsiblity on the schools for reaching the goal of getting 100% of American students to perform at or above grade level in reading, math, and science by 2014.

And of course we pointed out that Spellings never addresses the need for parents and students to also accept some responsibility for their own academic success.

Other folks in the EduSphere had some thoughts on the matter.

KDeRosa over at D-Ed Reckoning
politely disagreed with us.

J.D. Fisher of MathandText
joined the discussion and engaged D-Ed Reckoning head-on.

Then, D-Ed Reckoning
responded to MathandText.

Later, MathandText
answered D-Ed Reckoning.

D-Ed Reckoning had more to say
here and there.

Next, MathandText sent D-Ed Reckoning
an interesting post card.

Stay tuned to this same channel for additional bulletins as they become available.
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