Saturday, May 20, 2006

The Prank Report: Hopping Mad In Texas

A "prankster" in Grand Prairie, Texas, thought that it would be cute to re-arrange the typeface in the high school yearbook:
A local teenager said she was horrified to find another name printed below her picture when she received her yearbook last week.

Kayla Flud, a sophomore at South Grand Prairie High School, said that while other students will always remember their yearbook pictures, she just wants to forget hers.

"I was just kind of shocked someone would do that," she said.

What someone did was to publish the name "Karl Frog," not only by her picture, but also in the index to find it.

"I was completely embarrassed. People are calling me that in the halls and thinking it's funny, and even today someone else said it, and it's been a week," she said.

Kayla's mother, Karesa Flud, is convinced the incident is no accident.

"It was entered three times in the book. Even if it was a typo, it would be once where you typed it in, not three times," she said.

The Fluds are also upset that the book, which sells for about $70, is still for sale. They also said no action has been taken to fix the mistake.

Grand Prairie ISD spokesman Sam Buckmeyer said the district takes the prank very seriously.

"We want to make sure that the project that's done, the kids that worked on those, the staff people, are working in unison to make sure that that’s a significant book," he said.

Kayla Flud said she has an idea who pulled the prank, but said she is anxious to learn why.

"I don't know why anyone would even dislike me that much and that really shocks me that anyone would," she said. "I'm really very hurt by it, the whole thing."

Buckmeyer said the district is confident that it will find the person responsible and that he or she will face punishment.
I can certainly sympathize with this young lady's plight.

Should the "prankster" be caught, maybe a good consequence would be to require him or her to publish a letter of apology in the local newspaper and, if a senior, not allow him or her to participate in graduation-related activities.

Barring that, a charge of vandalism should be considered.
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