Friday, May 26, 2006

The Prank Report: Food Fighten The Texas Way!

Today's school prank report is all about the Great Texas Food Fight:
After video from a high school food fight ended up on the Internet, students involved in the lunchroom battle might not be allowed to graduate with the rest of their class.

A food fight in the cafeteria at Lake Dallas High School lasted about five minutes.

"It was supposed to be for fun. I didn't think we'd get in that much trouble for it," said student Victor Drayton. "Cafeteria food -- whole trays, milk, water bottles, bananas, bread, chicken, chicken fingers -- everything."

A student shot video of the senior prank and it was posted on, a popular Web site.

"Just because of the fact that I said we should do it and it actually happened, I've got to take the blame," Drayton said.

The video showed 18-year-old Drayton laughing, but his stepmother, Denise Drayton, said she is very upset and will support the school administrators' decision on what to do.

"If they had not been warned minutes before the food fight started that there would be repercussions from that, I would feel that the school was being pretty extreme," Denise Drayton said.

Denise Drayton said she has been told that her son and a third of the senior class will probably not be able to participate in graduation ceremonies next week.

"To not have the chance to have that proud moment of watching him walk across the stage is devastating, but he did it," Denise Drayton said.

Denise Drayton said the principal is supposed to call her Thursday with a decision about the punishment. She said she hopes the students just have to stay after school for a couple of weeks, but she doubts that will happen.
I say let the combatants go thorough the graduation ceremony, but don't give them their high school diplomas until after they've spent a few days down at the local homeless shelter serving meals to those who can't afford to play dodgeball with their food.
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