Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Making War On Cell Phones

Mrs. Cornelius has the latest dispatch from from the front in the on-going war that New York City's public school system has been waging against cell phones in the schools. Here's a taste:
Earlier this month, the Great and All-Powerful Oz and the Little Man Beind the Curtain Mayor Bloomberg and School Chancellor Joel Klein announced they WEREN'T KIDDING AROUND NOW and that the cell phone ban in the New York City Schools, which dates to the days when mobile phones were the size of a cement block, was going to be rigorously enforced, no foolin'.
Consider reading the whole thing.

Our own junior high school here in California's "Imperial" Valley has had an unofficial "don't ask, don't tell" policy regarding students and cell phones for years.

As long as the phone is out of sight and doesn't go off in class, we don't look for it. If a ringing phone does disrupt instruction, the offending device is sent to the school's office where it is given a stern lecture by the school principal must be picked-up by a parent or guardian and taken home.

This unofficial policy works for us.
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