Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Legalizing "The Numbers" In The Name Of Education

I like a lottery as much as the next Wonk, but have you ever noticed that when lottery supporters are trying to infiltrate pass a lottery initiative, they always use public education as the selling point? In fact, the pitch is usually designed to make it appear that if you're against the lottery, then you must also be against the children.

they're trying to push a re-configuration of the "education lottery" in Illinois.

How much you wanna bet that it'll pass?

I'd also be willing to make a bet that it won't solve the problems of underperforming schools or their budgetary woes.

It's sad to see public education funding becoming dependent (at least partially) on a legalized version of what the Mob used to call, "the numbers."

Funny thing is, when the Mafia ran
the numbers, the odds of winning were much better, the payoff was tax-free, and the Organization didn't make promises that it knew it couldn't keep.
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