Sunday, May 14, 2006

The Knucklehead Of The Day: Teacher Paul Edgar

Today's knucklehead is the North Carolina high school teacher who was arrested and charged with providing alcohol to students on prom night:
Salisbury police arrested a former North Rowan High School teacher Friday night on charges of supplying alcohol to students on prom night.

Paul Edgar, 26, faces three counts of providing alcohol to minors.

According to police reports, seven North Rowan students left the prom last Saturday and stopped at Edgar’s house. He allegedly gave them beer, vodka and wine coolers for an after-prom party hosted by several parents.

The parents found the alcohol and told the school’s principal and police. The teacher admitted providing the alcohol, police reports show, and he turned in his resignation Monday.

The same night as the prom, Edgar was stopped by a Highway Patrol trooper and ticketed for allegedly driving while intoxicated. According to the warrant, Edgar ran a four-way stop, and the trooper said he had glassy eyes and slurred speech. The warrant also states Edgar blew a .15 on a breathalyzer test, nearly twice the legal limit.

Edgar posted $500 bond and was released. His DWI court date is June 1.

The teacher is set to appear in court June 19 for the other charges.

Edgar taught for two years at North Rowan High School and coached baseball.
What I find incredulous is that Edgar was stopped and ticketed for allegedly driving while intoxicated.

North Carolina doesn't arrest drivers who fail a field sobriety test?

At least out here in California, we arrest 'em and book 'em at the jailhouse.

And how on earth could any teacher be so dumb naive as to think that he or she could get away with providing students intoxicating beverages?

In addition to The Knucklehead of the Day, we believe that Edgar may very well meet the criteria for an "honorable mention" over at the Darwin Awards.
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