Monday, May 22, 2006

Dancing Under The Influence?

Administrators and parents in one North Carolina Catholic high school aren't taking any chances that students under the influence will be sneaking into this year's prom:
The 630 students who attended Saturday's Charlotte Catholic High School prom at Bank of America Stadium had to pass a random Breathalyzer test before they could enter the event, school officials said. Assistant Principal Steve Carpenter said the school wants to send a message to students that they can still have a good time without alcohol.

Charlotte Catholic is the first school in the Charlotte region to use a Breathalyzer to test students.

Carpenter said several parents have offered to purchase more Breathalyzers for school use.

The test will be used at most sports and social events.

"It's something that we plan to use at other events," Carpenter said. "We're just trying to make our kids safe."
I wonder if anyone will think to do a sweep of the venue before the prom begins?

There are just so many places where one can hide a bottle...
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