Thursday, May 18, 2006


Here's something that's near and dear to this history teacher's heart: The 31st edition of the History Carnival. Being a life-long H.G. Wells fan, I've gotta like the preamble:
Mr Wells’ celebrated Time Traveller voyaged into the distant future, but we will have the levers on our time machine set firmly in the reverse position—less chance of running into a Morlock that way. To help us navigate the currents and eddies of the historical ether, we read the latest bulletins from the Time Transit Authority before we set out.
What teacher can resist the Carnival of Kid Comedy? (We think that the banner over at the host blog, My Life In The Kid Zoo, is absolutely priceless...)

And for those of us who like adore Science and Things Scientific, don't forget to
climb a tree over at the 53rd Tangled Bank.
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